Welcome to Triumph Mobility

Triumph Mobility Inc. distributes world-class products for the North American market. At Triumph we take great pride in offering our customers the most innovative products with great service, support and value. We believe that every product we sell has a customer’s name on it, which motivates us to be better at everything we do.

We manufacture the Escape and Escape 2 Rollators and we are proud to be exclusive North American distributors for Panthera Rigid Wheelchairs from Sweden, Amovida Wheelchair Cushions from Germany and Rollz Motion Rollator/Transport Chairs from the Netherlands. These companies share our commitment to customer satisfaction, which drives our business.


Freedom to go where you want and be as active as you once were.
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Active Wheelchairs for adults and children with an emphasis on user friendliness, quality and low weight.
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Walk tall with less pain, and more grip: Flexyfoot tips, crutches, walking canes and sticks.
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